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David Isaac, author of the 'The Leafy Sea Dragon'

Author of The Leafy Sea Dragon

David Isaac is a writer living in Los Angeles. The idea for this book came to the author at California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium when a piece of seaweed winked at him. David knew that here was no ordinary plant. David and Sam spent many hours at the aquarium talking to one another and when Sam escaped he contacted David and asked him to tell his story.
Lora Findlay, illustrator of 'The Leafy Sea Dragon'

Illustrator of The Leafy Sea Dragon

Lora Findlay has a graphic design degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. She was thrilled when asked to illustrate this story. She loved the beautiful leaves adorning Sam’s body, and knew they’d be a challenge to draw. For accuracy, she needed Sam to sit still while posing, but after blinking, squirming and scratching his snout for the umpteenth time, the normally calm Lora snapped, a picture that is, capturing the true essence of Sam. They’ve become good friends, and she loves him very much.