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Reviews of The Leafy Seadragon

5.0 out of 5 stars A Work of Beauty, says (noted author) David Evanier
Screenwriter David Isaac brings his unique writing gifts to this enchanting and wise book for children aged 5-10, beautifully illustrated by Lora Findlay. Sam, the leafy sea dragon, is going through an identity crisis: he wonders if he is a plant or a fish. He goes on a journey of exploration to find out from the person who can give him the answer, the Brian Coral. The journey is filled wih obstacles and perils, as are journeys through life for identity. His responses to these challenges have integrity and decency and are real moral lessons to the very young just starting out on the road to their own identities. They will love this beautiful, sensitive book, as I did, an adult not given to sentimentality or unreality about the facts of life. Especially valuable is the encyclopedic section that gives vivid, descriptive portraits of each type of fish, an incisive learning reference for young people. Bravo!
5.0 out of 5 stars First-rate kids' book, says Adelia C. Linecker
David Isaac's The Leafy Sea Dragon is a richly told tale about the challenges of fitting in. His characters inspire children of all ages to step up to the task and persevere. The book is uniquely illustrated with lively colors. Although it's targeted to 5-10 year olds, I read it to my 3-year-old and he was captivated by the underwater adventures.
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